The Bestselling Guide You and Your Family Need to Create Generational Wealth

Make Your Kids Millionaires walks you through the process of helping your child think and behave in ways that vastly increase their potential for a future of wealth— starting in the very first years of their life. 

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About The Authors

Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier is a money expert, sought after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author of five books who is on a relentless mission to change the conversation about money and empower people around the world to become millionaires.

Kyle Boeckman

Kyle Boeckman is an expert in personal finance who was able to reach financial freedom by age 43. As a former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, fighter pilot, and instructor pilot, he uses his background in leadership, teaching, investing, and psychology to help lead people on their own "flight to financial freedom.”

"Let's be honest: most parents are never given insight into how to teach their kids about money. Most of the time, their parent's weren't either. This book provides badly needed guidance that parents can take to help their kids get the education about financial freedom they need to hear."

- Scott Donnell 
Founder, Apex Leadership Co. and the GravyStack banking app for families

Book Highlights


Get age-specific, step-by-step, actionable guidance and examples that teach your kids how to earn, save, invest, and grow their money from ages 0 - 18 and beyond. Real case studies outline how the authors helped their own children become financially free.


Over 300 pages of financial advice parents never learned in schools. Instructions on how to apply it to their own money to secure more wealth while building their family's generational wealth future.


Make Your Kids Millionaires includes activities, exercises, and guided conversations, modeled after the elite training strategies used by US Air Force pilots, like Kyle. Plus behind the scenes accounts of how Loral became a millionaire and duplicated the process with her own children.

"This is an amazing book! Over 87% of millionaires started with nothing and became wealthy in one generation. This book shows your children, starting today, how to become RICH, faster than they ever thought possible."

Brian Tracy

Speaker, Consultant & best selling author of 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

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Get your hardcover copy + 4 digital bonuses for $24.95 + S+H

Exclusive Make Your Kids Millionaires Masterclass 

In this exclusive masterclass, the authors present the lessons in sections, detailing key learning moments throughout the book. With book in hand, you come to the Masterclass in June/July. 

Curriculum Includes: 

How to execute the book in your kid’s life and your own
Family Financial Goal Setting – Learning the true value of money
Starting a business
The differences between debit and credit 
Tax strategies and infrastructure 
The value of finding a mentor or coach 

Put More Cash In Your Pocket – Kids and Family Video Series

This is a three-part series with Loral Langemeier and Jim Nevill on how to teach your kids the value of money. Jim Nevill is the owner of Jim Nevill Photography & Wine Country Drone, FAA Certified Drone Pilot, Founder of Lifeschool. 

Curriculum Includes: 

Setting Your Goals AND Setting Up a Cash Machine
Problem Solving
Refining and Modifying 
How to Open a Bank Account
Marketing & Sales AND So Much More! 

4 Part Financial Filing Cabinet for Financial Literacy

Start teaching your kids financial literacy before your book even arrives, with Loral's exclusive financial filing cabinet and online course. Start the conversation in your household about how to make money.

Role Play Financial Money Folder with: 

Make Money
Expenses and COGs
Goals and Vision
Put More Money in Your Wallet

Never Pay Your Kids an Allowance Worksheet Library & Video

This product walks you through how to change the conversation in your household about how to make money, using these helpful templates below.

Form Downloads Include: 

Task and Priority Brainstorming Organizer 
Spending Organizer 
Behavior Agreement 

Get your hardcover copy + 4 digital bonuses for $24.95 + S+H

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One of the greatest needs of our children that is too often unfulfilled is teaching them about money and how to responsibly use it. This book provides a source of guidance to parents to do that teaching and should be read.

Robert L. Clarke

Former Comptroller of the Currency, regulator of all US nationally chartered banks during the Reagan and Bush administrations

Barry HabibCEO MBS Highway, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of "Money In The Streets"

Finally there is a step-by-step guide for parents looking to teach their kids the right lessons about money! This books teaches parents the way to help children understand the power of money and how to develop a lifestyle around it. I highly recommend this book to ANYONE looking to educate their children about money!

 Barry Habib

CEO MBS Highway, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of "Money In The Streets"

Kevin HarringtonOriginal Shark from Shark Tank, Pioneer of the AsSeenOnTV industry

As a serial entrepreneur and investor, I know the importance of process and laying out a plan for creating success. What Loral and Kyle have created with Make Your Kids Millionaires is the ideal blueprint for teaching kids about money and being realistic about the results. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about money AND teach their children the right lessons at the same time.

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark from Shark Tank, Pioneer of the AsSeenOnTV industry

Bill Walsh Venture Capitalist / Top Business Coach

This book provides the long sought after but never delivered checklist for busy parents wanting to make sure they teach everything their kids need to know about money! In the information age, it is so important that parents get the right education on HOW to teach their kids about money. This book provides real world examples from the author's children that any parent can incorporate and use themselves! It is a must read!

Bill Walsh

Venture Capitalist / Top Business Coach

Pat MesitiSpeaker, Author, Coach

Loral Langemeier has done it again! She and Kyle have written a much-needed book about creating millionaires, but this time it’s about the most significant group of people on earth: our kids. Our children are the future and the seeds we invest in them now determine their path as adults as well as the planet. I highly recommend this work that Loral is doing; she has my heartfelt support. Engage with her and let’s change and create a massive future for our kids!

 Pat Mesiti

Speaker, Author, Coach

Dame Doria (DC) CordovaPh.D. (Hon.), CEO, Global Business Sustainability Entrepreneur

Loral has always been brilliant on anything investments, education, money and financial freedom.  As a mother – and having known her since her son was a toddler – I know that when she looked at her child at the time, her mind was already working overtime on how she was going to educate him and other children. This is a masterful human being who has a heart of gold and super-intelligence when it comes to financial matters.

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova

Ph.D. (Hon.), CEO, Global Business Sustainability Entrepreneur



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